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Saving Time and Costs Using Augmented Reality.
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industrial manufacturing
is evolving

New virtual technologies boosting productivity

Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are helping manufactures, engineers and investors to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Whether virtually inspecting worksites using VR goggles or servicing machinery with the help of AR, these technologies are bringing together workforces around the world for fast troubleshooting and information sharing.

Growing adoption of
Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is seeing increasing adoption of connected sensors and mobile IoT technologies that can collect and transmit complex big data between systems in real-time.

Greater use of these technologies will increase visibility and transparency for manufacturers, helping them to maintain efficient manufacturing operations, even as production demands and supply chain dependencies grow over time.

HMI 4.0 improving user experience

Industry 4.0 is leading to an evolution in the way users interact with devices. Human machine interface (HMI) 4.0 combines consistent design with intuitive operation for an optimal user experience.

Experienced and inexperienced users alike will benefit from devices featuring HMI 4.0, leading to smoother operations and easier troubleshooting throughout the manufacturing process.


Improved productivity,
reduced costs

A connected mobile workforce can communicate and solve problems more effectively. Remote collaboration with expert colleagues using digital twin devices and AR/MR technology improves decision making and optimises production.

  • Greater utilisation of global workforce
  • Remote support for repair and maintenance work
  • No need for bulky manuals and printed documentation
Increased visibility
and transparency

Greater adoption of industrial loT technology and connected devices increases visibility and transparency throughout the manufacturing process. Managers can see the whole picture, enabling better planning, analysis and decision making.

  • Real-time updates from anywhere
  • Mobile management directly through devices
  • Access to operational data at all times
Optimised operations

Digital transformation eliminates paperwork and streamlines production processes. Operators can access reference materials, receive expert assistance, or scan and process key asset information directly on their connected device.

  • Fast data collection and transmission
  • Mobile access to key information
  • Instant collaboration with colleagues

Getac Select Solutions™

Why do leading industrial manufacturers choose getac?

Maximum value

Rugged by design

We have almost 30 years of rugged innovation and all our products are built rugged from the ground up to pass the most stringent international rugged testing standards for rough handling and mobility. In short, they are built to last, which makes them ideally suited to tough industrial manufacturing environments where many consumer products would quickly fail.



Field application engineering support

Our customers benefit from comprehensive engineering services and customer support. Services include system integration and compatibility testing with your applications (including help with verification), joint development of docking solutions, software imaging and after-sales support.


Maximum value

Globally trusted

All of our products are built to an outstanding level of quality. Our deep knowledge, original designs and uncompromising standards are why we're trusted by many of the world's leading industrial manufacturers. It goes without saying that we use our products in all of our own facilities too.


Maximum value

Industry leading services

We offer the industry-best warranty (bumper-to-bumper) on our products for a minimum of 3-years*, which includes accidental damage. Our devices are serviced in our own services centres supported by key partners such as DHL, ensuring your products are back in your hands as soon as possible. For minor repairs, our Self-Maintainer Programme lets you opt to have replacement parts shipped directly to you.

*Semi-rugged products require service upgrade


Maximum value

Product longevity

Your factories run on a tight budget, which is why we practice strict product lifecycle management, minimise system platform changes and control migration to new generations. Our devices are designed with standard mounts and docking systems for backwards compatibility, and are 2.9 times less likely to fail than consumer devices*, resulting in excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) for you.

*Source: VDC Research 2018


Maximum value

Latest technologies

We use the latest technology in our products. Our wide range of rugged commercial-off-the-shelf devices integrate seamlessly with specialist systems and software for efficient operations and maximum productivity. Products are extensively tested and fully certified for their intended use, including operation in ATEX environments where specified.






The powerful, fully rugged Getac T800 has optimised productively throughout InfoChamp's logistics and warehousing operations



Nestlé Wagner has digitised production at its flagship German facility with the Getac A140 fully rugged tablet



Volkswagen AG has optimised its group-wide manufacturing processes using the Getac S410 semi rugged notebook

Your digital advantage


Efficient all-weather operation

Our revolutionary LumiBond 2.0 display operates with either stylus or finger, even when wearing gloves or in wet conditions. The high quality screen is also readable both indoors and outdoors for maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

Seamless connectivity

Innovative wireless technology supports exceptional coverage and fast download speeds, meaning consistent access to data from anywhere in the factory, warehouse or operation room, keeping you connected at all times.

Reduced integration cost, increased productivity

Multiple I/O interface options provide unmatched flexibility, supporting both wired (RJ45, Ethernet port, RS232 legacy products, USB) and wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth) connections. Customisable quick keys further enhance the user experience.

Comprehensive security

A wide range of security features, including RFID reader, smart card reader, multi-factor authentication and cyber security software provides complete peace of mind against unauthorised use and cyber-attacks.

Superior functionality

Multi-function tools allow you to maintain manufacturing assets and industrial machinery more efficiently. Integrated 1D/2D barcode readers, RFID Reader and dual cameras also help capture data quickly and easily.

Enhanced worker mobility

Our devices have a wide range of hands-free mounting and carrying options to improve safety and enhance mobility. Easy dismounting means devices can also be easily swapped between forklifts and trolleys for reduced downtime.


Augmented Reality (AR) solutions help to save time and costs in industrial applications. In manufacturing the advantages can be pre-determined and poured into budgets with great precision.

The technology required has come of age and new applications are attracting significant investment.

Every manufacturing enterprise should have an AR strategy – benchmark yours by downloading our new white paper.

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